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Dr. Jaishri Chaudhry, Founder & Director at UDAAN IAS. She is a highly qualified and an ambitious lady with an ample amount of achievements in her account. Some of them in a nutshell include NET/JRF,  PhD in Public Administration, Gold Medalist from Delhi University, Interview fighter of various service commissions and Ex- Faculty of Delhi University.

Dr. Jaishri is known for her easy accessibility to the students and in providing constructive & thoughtful analysis about the strengths and weakness of the candidates. She believes in the unlimited potential of every candidate and laid her emphasis on the realization aspect in her guidance.

UPSC is expecting the candidates to understand, assimilate, analyze and apply the concept to real life situations. Jaishri Ma‘am has the unique ability to correlate the concepts and link them to current events. Her mastery in the subjects, conceptual clarity and teaching style helped the students in simplifying the most difficult thing and gave self-confidence a new meaning.

She lays stress on practical approach with example to make answers interesting and different. Her core theory is to provide continuous guidance to her students till they achieve the pinnacle of success. She is herself an epitome of hard work, dedication, motivation and self-less work.




Conceptual Clarity

Cutting edge analysis on various GS subjects

Promoting Play Way techniques of learning

Promoting self-study and regular revisions

“To bring in the much needed Knowledge revolution by innovating and changing the methods of teaching and cementing the STUDENT-TEACHER relationship based on trust, hard work and understanding. We also endeavors to empathize with the TIME-MONEY-HOPE of students as well.

At UDAAN IAS, we strive to provide you the best. We have no competitors throughout India but we set extremely tough targets for ourselves because we compete with tough targets of impeccable quality, arduous level of honest delivery in classrooms and impeccable study materials.  In this endeavor, UDAAN IAS, brought out extremely sought after class room material.


After years of research, our team has developed a course-structure that ensures that the students study the concerned subjects along with developing the administrative traits, techniques and soft-skills necessary to succeed in the civil services examination. Our guidance programme emphasizes on skill development so that our students are trained to use their resources optimally and emerge victorious in this examination as well as in every challenge of life.

Our lectures are designed in a way that it chips off the dirt and grit, which then enables a student to become an aspirant. Our vision is to provide an environment that is extremely conducive to take on the rigors of this exam and make this painful process one to enjoy and cherish. The outcome is an experience for the students that will certainly exceed their expectations.

If we keep tripping without trying to learn from failures, we might end up with a dislike for the very process the great task of our institution is to provide for the education of the mind and all the senses through various activities” of walking, and thereby miss all the pleasures of the gift of evolution.”